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Year of Projects #7

Aaand knitting continues… I miss crocheting a lot. Really. I’m working on a submission that is crocheted, but that’s too little it seems! Today’s post will be superquick as I’m superbusy. But I hope to have another post published this week about my other yarn-y adventure – so coma back later :) Anyways, I have […]

Year of Projects #5 and 6

It seems I missed one week completely, but I was busy knitting, lol! And I have some finishes to show! Yay! First of all, I finally added buttons to the dog’s cozy. Still doesn’t look like a cozy, so just please imagine a dog inside :P     It looks more like a penguin cozy […]

Year of Projects #4

I didn’t have much to report last Sunday, so I skipped one post but this time, I do have something done. Well, almost. I finished the kknitting part of the dog sweater I showed last time. It looks weird unbloked and with no buttons, right?   Maybe from above? Nope, still weird. I’m also taking […]

Year of Projects #3

Can’t believe it’s my third post in this Year of Projects! And double wow because I managed to finish something, too! It’s another dog cozy for my dog shelter knitting project. I don’t have (and won’t have) ant “on the dog” photos because I simply don’t have a dog model at home. But maybe the […]

Crazy Sunday, post on Monday… or rather Tuesday!

Oh my, I had such a crazy Sunday, I couldn’t find time to post my YoP update, so I’m doing it now. Technically, it’s Tuesday here alreday, but not everywhere in the world, of course, so I’ll count it towards Monday and will insist on not being that much late… Anyways, I did manage to […]

Year of Projects again!

When I first started a blog a few yeras ago, I joined a great fun called A Year of Projects. The idea behind it was to set a crafty goals for the next year and update your progress every week. I really liked it and doscovered lots of wonderful blogs, but then I stopped blogging […]

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