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Defeating Dr Hookenstein Mystery CAL – day I

Allright, Agents. As you all know, Dr Hookenstein will not let anyone inside his house this time (which is a shame because we had brand new yarn ball costumes for you). Instead of watching him, we will try some eavesdropping. It’s very dangerous to stay close to his house, though, so each of you will […]

Dr Hookenstein’s Mystery CAL 2016

Are you ready for another secret mission? Hello, Agent! We received some unsettling news – Dr Hookenstein is trying to take control over the world yet again! He’s much more dangerous than last year – he doubled the protection and not a soul can slip into his house this time. That’s why we’re hiring agents […]

It’s raining cats and dogs – CKAL!

Yay! Time for a new crochet-knit-along! The theme we have this time is really broad – you can make a cat or a dog or something rain-related, like my November Crocodile :) Here’s a little teaser, you know you one one of these…   The rules are simple: 1. Create a project based on one […]

After a longer break…

I really have no idea where I lost last Wednesday. Or  yesterday. Sigh… I choose to blame the whole commotion regarding my sister’s wedding. Not that the organization was poor, just when you finish a blanket (as a gift) two days before the wedding, it’s kind of  hard and you also fall behind with other […]

Po dłuższej przerwie…

Naprawdę nie wiem, gdzie mi umknęła poprzednia środa, i ta wczorajsza też… Ech… Postanawiam zwalić wszystko na zamieszanie związane za ślubem mojej siostry. Nie to, żeby organizacja szwankowała, ale jak się kończy koc na dwa dni przed ślubem, to jest gorąco, a i zaległości w innych dziedzinach rosną. No, ale teraz już powoli ogarniam większość, […]

Wspólne szydłkowanie po raz kolejny!

Hura! Już czas na kolejne wspólne szydełkowanie z Cute and Kaboodle’s! Tym razem będziemy świętować kolejny  “fejsbukowy kamień milowy” ;) Dlatego też, po raz pierwszy, można będzie dołączyć się do zabawy również na Facebooku. Założyłam w tym celu specjalną grupę (jest tutaj) i jeśli okaże się, że wszystko poszło gładko, inne tego typu zabawy też […]

New crochet-along! Join us!

Yay! It’s time for another crochet-along at Cute and Kaboodle’s! This time we’ll be celebrating an important milestone at my Facebook page :) Because of that, for the first time, you’ll be able to join the CAL through Facebook, too. I started a special group for this purpose (you can go there by clicking here) […]

Double Free Fun CKAL

Time for the first CKAL this year! I called it double free fun as you’ll be working on a free pattern AND will get one paid pattern for free! The CKAL will be conducted on Ravlery, so if yo’re not there yet, I totally recommend joining. I promise there’s more fun than just the “alongs”. […]

10 reasons why you should stop what you’re doing…

… and join the gift-a-long! 1. You’ll have motivation to start all these Christmas presents like right now! And the chance that you’ll be done before Christmas Eve will get bigger! 2. You’ll be able to buy over 3000 patterns at a 25% discount. You won’t manage to knit/crochet them all before the end of […]

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