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Defeating Dr Hookenstein Mystery CAL – day I

Allright, Agents. As you all know, Dr Hookenstein will not let anyone inside his house this time (which is a shame because we had brand new yarn ball costumes for you). Instead of watching him, we will try some eavesdropping. It’s very dangerous to stay close to his house, though, so each of you will […]

Dr Hookenstein’s Mystery CAL 2016

Are you ready for another secret mission? Hello, Agent! We received some unsettling news – Dr Hookenstein is trying to take control over the world yet again! He’s much more dangerous than last year – he doubled the protection and not a soul can slip into his house this time. That’s why we’re hiring agents […]

It’s raining cats and dogs – CKAL!

Yay! Time for a new crochet-knit-along! The theme we have this time is really broad – you can make a cat or a dog or something rain-related, like my November Crocodile :) Here’s a little teaser, you know you one one of these…   The rules are simple: 1. Create a project based on one […]

Hau, hau!

Dawno, daaawno temu zrobiłam tego maluszka i miałam zamiar napisać na niego wzór. Ale jakoś tak mi nie pasowało puścić go samego i czułam, że potrzebuje towarzystwa.   Myślałam o psiaku innej rasy, albo o kocie (tak jak w przypadku tego wzorku), ale to wszystko nie było to… I tak czekał i czekał samotnie. Aż […]

Woof, woof!

 A long, looooong time ago I made this tiny dachshund and intended to write a pattern for it. But I somehow felt he needed company, but whose? I thought another puppy but of a different breed, I though a cat (just like in this tiny crochet pattern of mine), but it was not “it”. And […]


Are you ready for the biggest amigurumi-along ever?  I and a couple more designers teamed up to organize a great event for all ami-lovers. It’s called ami-along and will take place on Ravelry from 1st of July till the end of August. We have prizes, a special discount and lots of fun! Join us! Start […]

Easter is coming!/Wkrótce Wielkanoc!

English versionI know, I know… You all know this already because Easter is really close now. But I still wanted to share some of my design ideas for Easter. Some of them are really quick and can be done in a few hours, so there’s still time to make them! Here’s the link to all […]

Bears and Bunnies chart #4

I hope you’re more familiar with the charts right now, so let’s have a small experiment. I’ll post the chart for the bigger (and last! – well, almost last, there’ll be just a tiny little thing left) part today, but won’t post the explanantions. I’ll add them tomorrow, and you have the whole day to […]

Bears and Bunnies chart #3

Time for another chart! Prepare your contrasting color for this one. It’s optional, though and if you don’t feel like changing the color, you don’t have to. The beginning should look familiar: 2 circles, so ch2 and we work in the 2nd ch from the hook. Round 1: Let’s count the x’s in the first […]

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