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Ami-Along 2016

It’s time for AmiAlong 2016!

Several amazing amigurumi designers teamed up to create a wonderful event for all ami lovers! There’s a huge 25% sale on all eligible patterns, lots of chances to win great prizes, fun, chatter, games and whatnot :) So if you like making amigurumi, or you’d like to make your first toy, feel free to join us!

Here’s the list of all designers taking part this year:


Adorably Kawaii!





Forever Stitchin!

Melissa’s Crochet Patterns

Made by Mary Crochet Designs!

Herter Crochet Designs!

Adrialys Designs!

Monster’s Toy


Primarily Patterns!

JS Patterns!

Lovely Baby Gift!

Silverdragon Crafts and Critters!
Yarn Society!
Franciscangypsy Designs!
Mumpitz Design!
Patchwork Moose!
Stana’s critters etc!

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National Crochet Month – celebrating crochet!

March always excites me, being a crochet month :)

If you’d like to celebrate with me, please join a miniCAL (with prizes!) I’m hosting in my Ravelry group ( I also opened an even on my Facebook page, if you’d prefer to join this way (

At the end of the month, I’ll ranomly pick one winner to get a prize (a physical, crochet/craft-related one!), so it’ll be worth to be chatty! ;)

A few words about the CAL:

The gauge is not important, so it can be any hook and yarn (but they need to math each other amigurumi-wise, if you know what I mean) and we’d need two colors. One suitable for an animal, and the second one that will nicely come with the first one. It’ll be a variation about an already published pattern of mine, so it’ll be only semi-mystery, because if you know my patterns, you’ll be able to recognize it quickly. Still, there’ll be something new to it, so I hope you’ll decide to join.

Before the CAL starts, let’s get in the mood: Why do you crochet? Can you knit as well? If yes, do you prefer crochet?

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FREE PATTERNS – the Heart Collection is all done!

Yep, that’s right. The hearts I presented to you are now all ready and published!

Free Hearts Patterns by Cute and Kaboodle

Here you can find all the patterns:
1. Almost Rainbow Heart (lower left corner)

2. Simple 3D Heart (upper left corner)

3. Swirl Heart (lower right corner)

4. Outline Heart (upper right corner)

Enjoy! :)

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Simple Hearts Collection – part IV

Aaaand the last one! It would be easy to make two hearts joined together. Just make one heart, and while making the other, put the chain through the center of the first heart, then join and finish the other heart.


Outline heart:

I used 1,75mm hook and fingering yarn.

ch36, join with a lst st to for a circle, being careful not to twist, ch1

1. 1sc in the next 8sc, 2sc in the next 5sc, sc2tog x2, sc3tog, sc2tog x2, 2sc in the next 5sc, 1sc in the next 7sc, 2sc in the st where the first sc was made. join.

Fasten off, weave in the ends. Block the heart (it’s very important!). If you made it from acrylic yarn, you will probably have to “kill” it. Look for the details here.

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Simple Hearts Collection – part III

Time for a superquick, 2 rounds heart!

A swirl heart:

This time I used 3.5mm hook and fingering yarn doubled (you can use worsetd or aran instead).

1. 9hdc in the 3rd ch from the hook
2. You’ll be working all stitches in the horizontal bars behind the hdc (also called the third loop): 4hdc in the first st (bar), 2hdc in the next 2 sts, [2hdc, ch1, 2hdc] in the next st, 2hdc in the next 2 sts, 4hdc in the next st, join with a sl st to the next st.

Easy peasy ;)

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Simple Hearts Collection – part II

Today I’d like to present you the 3D heart – something that probably comes to your mind when you think about a crochet heart :)

Simple amigurumi heart

Simple 3D heart

I used fingering yarn and 1,7mm hook

We’ll start from making two “cups”.
1. 6sc in the 2nd ch from the hook (6)
2. inc x6 (12)
3. (1sc, inc) x6 (18)
4. – 5. 18sc (18)
Fasten off. Pull the yarn end to the inside of the cup, through the next sc.

Simple amigurumi heart by Cute and Kaboodle

Now make another “cup”. Repeat the instructions from rounds 1 – 4. Don’t fasten off, but continue to round 5. We will now join the two cups. You may as well skip the next stage and simply follow the pattern without joining and sew the small hole that will be left at the end, but I don’t like sewing, so I’m joining things with my hook whenever possible.

simple amigurumi heart
5. 16sc, take the first cup and (with a loop still on the hook!) insert the hook in one of the stitches from the inside.

simple amigurumi heart by Cute and Kaboodle
Then, insert the hook through the next stitch of the second cup…

Simple amigurumi heart by Cute and Kaboodle
…yo and pull the loop, yo and pull through both loops on the hook (sc made). Now repeat the same in the next stitch – insert the hook to the next stitch of the first cup and through the next stitch of the second cup and make a single crochet. Don’t fasten off. The 2 sc you have just made will be called joining sc and you won’t work in them anymore. You have now joined the two cups and you will start working in the round again. Although 2 sts are used for joining, we’ll be working in them, too, so you should have 36 sts to work in (18 from each cup)
6. in the second cup: 1sc in the same sc where you made the last joined sc, 16sc, 1sc where you made a joining sc, now move to the sts from the first cup: 1sc in the sc where you made the joining sc, 16sc, 1sc in the other sc where you made the joining sc (36)
7. – 9. 36sc (36)
10. 5sc, (dec, 10sc) x2, dec, 5sc (33)
11. (dec, 9sc) x3 (30)
12. 4sc, (dec, 8sc) x2, dec, 4sc (27)
13. (dec, 7sc) x3 (24)
14. (2sc, dec) x6 (18)
Stuff the heart and continue adding more as you go.
15. (4sc, dec) x3 (15)
16. 1sc, (dec, 3sc) x2, dec, 2sc (12)
17. dec x6 (6)
Fasten off, leaving a piece of yarn for sewing. Sew the opening closed.

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Simple Hearts Collection – part I

Inspired by one of my Ravelry group members, I decided to design a mini collection of very simple heart patterns. The ones that can be sewn as an applique or as a part of an amigurumi project, glued to a Valentine card or simply be a keyring. Today, I present the first heart – an Almost Rainbow Heart. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

The version in the photo is made with fingering yarn and 2mm hook (but I crochet quite tightly!). The heart measures 3,5 × 4cm (1.38″ × 1.57″)

With CC2, ch6
1. 2sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, 1sc in the next ch, 3sc in 1 (you may want to mark the center sc of the 3sc cluster), 1sc, 4sc in the last ch, turn, sc3tog, 2sc in the last ch (where you made the very first sc), join (14)
Fasten off CC2, change color to MC. Join yarn to the center sc of the 3sc in 1 from the previous round, ch1.
2. 1sc in the same spot, 2sc, 2sc in each of the next 2sc, 3sc in 1, sc3tog, 3sc in1, 2sc in each of the next 2sc, 2sc, 2sc where the first sc was made (22)
Fasten off MC, change color to CC2. Join yarn to the last sc of the previous round, ch1.
3. 1sc in the same spot, 4sc, 2sc in each of the next 4 sc, 3sc in 1, sc3tog, 3sc in1, 2sc in each of the next 4sc, 4sc, 2sc where the first sc was made (34)
Fasten off CC2, change color to CC1. Join yarn to the last sc of the previous round, ch1.
4. 1sc in the same spot, 6sc, (2sc in1, 1sc) x3, 2sc in the next st, 3sc in 1, (sk1, 1sl st in the next ch) x2, sk1, 3sc in1, (2sc in 1, 1sc) x4, 5sc, 2sc where the first sc was made (45). Join, fasten off.

Weave in the ends, or use them to sew the heart onto another project.

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Crafty Challenge 2016

How are you in the New Year?

I know I’ve been absent for some time, but that’s because I was working at some fun new things to do this year. One of them is this challenge!Below you can see the tasks I came up with, but I also encourage everyone to add their own.

I know that with good planning, these can be made in a month rather than a year, but I wanted it to be realistic and doable and not something you’ll be stressed about.

As you can see in the pic, we also have our very own hashtag to be used all over the social media! So whenever you make something for the challenge (or just post a progress pic, add #craftychallenge2016 so that we can all follow each other adventures).

Will there be prizes? Of course there will be! But they’ll be given at the end of the year, so stick with us to see if you can win. I’ll draw a prize (one of my books) from all the complete entries, so no rush! There may be some other prizes on the way, too, so stay tuned!

And now a few words about the points:

  • complete a one skein project – this is pretty straightforward, I guess. Try to stick to as close to the full skein as you can, though!
  • make a pair (two socks, two mitts, mommy and baby, etc.) – it can be anything, wearable or not, just needs to make a pair
  • complete a project made in the round – no joins! – can be both knitting and crocheting – amigurumi falls here as well, if you use the continuous rounds method
  • complete a “just for me” project – something selfish :)
  • make something for your house, too – home decor of all kinds
  • take part in three “alongs” – of course I’ll be superexcited if you choose my crochet-alongs, but feel free to take part in whatever crafty “along” you find e.g. a sew-along
  • make a project that consists of at least four parts – the parts have to be made separate and then sewn together, so either a sweater (front, back and 2 sleeves) or a toy (head, body, arms, legs) or anything else that comes to your mind :)
  • make something for charity – you can donate the item to the charity of your choice, offer it for a charity auction, etc. If for some reason you don’t want/can’t make it, please make something for your friends, for free, instead
  • try one of the crafts that are new to you – no matter what it is, if you haven’t tried it, it fits! (I’ll count techniques you haven’t tried yet, too). But, we need a completed project here, too, so a few rows of tunisian crochet won’t do (unless you add a button and make it a bracelet… ;))
  • find a designer new to you and make something from their patterns – free or paid, I don’t mind. Although, I encourage to support indie designers any time :)
  • reduce or build your stash – will you use more or buy more yarn? – here’s the place for our stashbusting thread! You don’t have to count points, but be prepared to prove that you did something especially to beat your stash or build it – stashbusting projects are welcome here, as well as photos of newly-bought yarn. I know that beating the stash is hard, so I’ll include you in the prize drawing even if you lose, but prove taht you tried ;)
  • complete a project with at least five different colors – think stripes, scraps, etc.
  • finish a ufo older than six months – UFO stands for an unfinished project – don’t have one? Choose something that is in your queue for a long time, or soemthing you always wanted to make.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :) And please do share the challenge with your friends, if you think they may like it. The more, the merrier!

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Gift-a-long designers part III – Kate Bostwick

The Gift-A-Long is going to an end, but it’s never too late to meet another designer – our guest today is wonderful Kate Bostwick. Her wide range of patterns will definitely get you interested! Accessories, baby items, home decor and clothing – what else could you wish for? All the amazing designs can be seen here.

 It was a real pleasure to browse through her designs – I’d really love to make her Helen Pencil Skirt. Check it out and you’ll know why – so pretty! And while you’re at Ravelry, join Kate’s group, too – this way you’ll be the first one to know about the new patterns and promotions!

Kate, asked about the designer whose designs she discovered during this year’s Gift-A-Long  said she really liked the designs by Ruth McKeon from Celtic Knits. She particulary loved her Fiorghra scarf. And I know why – it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Be sure to check her other patterns, too!

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