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Defeating Dr Hookenstein Mystery CAL – day VI and last… for now!

Posted on: October 31, 2016 | No Comments

Ok, Agents, we’re almost done!


Remember that part from yesterday – the one made with MC? Make one more, will you? I suspect it may get handy…

Oh, and apart from that…
with MC, ch4
R1. 1sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in the next 2sc, turn, ch1 (3)
R2. 3in1, dec, turn, ch1 (4)
R3. 3sc, inc, turn, ch1 (5)
R4. inc, 4sc, turn, ch1 (6)
R5. 2sc, inc, leave the rest unworked, turn, ch1 (4)
R6. 3in1, 3sc, turn, ch1 (6)
R7. 1sc, inc, leave the rest unworked, turn, ch1 (3)
R8. 3in1, dec, turn, ch1 (4)
R9. ch1 and make the edge (work in the sides of the rows now, on the upper part, which is straight, without): 1sc in the side of the st of row 8 and 7, ch2, 1sl st in the 2nd ch from the hook, 1sc in the side of the st of row 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.
Fasten off, leaving a piece of yarn for sewing.

Now, let’s make this part again, but make row 8 as follows:
R8. inc, ch1, dec (4) – your button should fit through the little hole, if it doesn’t chain as many as needed.

Ok, now let’s put it all together!
The CC1 parts – sew them together – the smaller one close to the thinner end of the bigger one. Add some tiny CC2 parts to them – wherever you want…

The pointy parts from today and yesterday – they should go on both parts of the eyes & nose part. Oh, that would be the time to add the nose as well, if you haven’t! You can also add a smile, if you wish.

Today’s parts go on both sides of… Oh, I’m sure you know where, already, don’t you?! It’s up to you which one on which side (remember that one has a button hole). The idea is that when they are folded on the tummy, you can button them and they will stay folded – try this and mark the placement for the button, then sew it on.

The free loops at the bottom of the body turned out to be in front or in back – if in front, use them to attach the feet (I mean, attach the feet in front, at the bottom anyways…). The last part is to attach the MC parts to the CC1 part – if your free loops are at the back, they’ll make it easier for you to sew the two parts together.

Now place your bug mechanism somewhere inside the cover you just made and place it somewhere around Hookenstein’s house – under the windowsill, in the basement, in his backyard?…. And wait for further instructions!



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