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Defeating Dr Hookenstein Mystery CAL – day I

Posted on: October 26, 2016 | No Comments

Allright, Agents. As you all know, Dr Hookenstein will not let anyone inside his house this time (which is a shame because we had brand new yarn ball costumes for you). Instead of watching him, we will try some eavesdropping. It’s very dangerous to stay close to his house, though, so each of you will try to place the bug inside – the more, the better, because even if he finds one and destroys it, there are always others left (so please ask your friends if they’re willing to help, too!). Agency will equip you with the mechanism, but we will need to create some kind of a cover for it (using your mad crochet skills).

Are you ready to begin?

Please remember that the list of necessary materials (together with the color info) has been published in the previous post.

Good luck!



P.S. Be sure to keep up with the everyday clues, due to safety reasons, each clue self-destructs after 3 days and will not be available…

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