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Stepping out of my comfort zone…

I do like to knit. In fact, I learned to knit years before I started to crochet. But knitting toys has been a challenge for some time for me, mostly because knitting in the round seems so much more complicated than crocheting in the round. I finally got used to knitted amigurumi, but, as a designer, I feel much more comfortable creating crochet toy patterns. I had a few novelty yarnattempts at knitted softies – Tiny Owls, Baby Bunny or Vlad - and I’m proud with all of them, but I can’t say I’m confident with it as much as with crochet. That’s why I decided to try and design a bigger knitted toy. And, because who doesn’t like an added challenge, I casted on my the first stitches with novelty yarn.

novelty bear WIPNovelty yarn is the one that gives chills to some people. Looks a bit goofy sometimes and seems to have limitted possibilities… But it’s here and somehow manages to enter every stash at some point. It sneaked to mine, too and I had no idea how to use it for some time. What was I thinking adding to cart a skein of boucle with a golden thread? I mean, really?

After a few hours and a couple of arm options, this fuzzy bear was born.
fuzzy novelty bear by Cute and Kaboodle

My son fell in love with him the moment he saw him, so I guess it’s a good sign. It also wasn’t difficult to find testers for him, so the pattern should be ready real soon! And what do you think?

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Summer is here!

Spring has been really busy for me – working on a new book material took a lot of my time and attention, but it was all worth it! I’m happy with how it turned out and I’ll keep you posted on the further details as soon as I can.
In the meantime, I managed to release a new cute pattern. Yellow like a sun :) It’s my contribution to The Little Yellow Duck Project  and it’s a free one, so that you can make some ducklings yourself!

Yellow Duckling - new free pattern

Yellow Duckling – a new free pattern

It’s available through Ravelry and will soon be on the official Little Yellow Duck Project too! Yay, what an honor!

Summer is really hot here, so my favorite items to crochet/knit are small items that don’t cover your lap. It’s a great coincidence that I’m making lots of baby items for my soon-to-be-born little son. Like these booties on the photo below. It’s a bit modified version of this pattern.

Booties for my little one

But I also Plan to make some small and cute amis for a wonderful yarn bombing project. Details here. Maybe you’d like to join, too? Or do you have some other plans for summer?

If you’re still undecided about what to do, maybe you’d like to join my newest crochet-along? No matter if you plan to spend some lazy days on the beach or you’re already in the Christmas-in-July spirit – you’ll be sure to find some adorable patterns for yourself!

Summer CAl at Cute and Kaboodle's

Choose your summer theme in the newest CAL!

There’s also a promotion running on all the patterns taking part in the CAL. Just add a coupon code JULY2014 to get 20% off the regular price on:

Amigurumi Nativity Scene

Last Minute Christmas Decorations

December Mice

August Lion

July Pig

June Turtle

Photos of your finished amis can be shared on Ravelry, Facebook or as a link in the comments to this post. Hope you’ll join us!

P.S. We experienced some problems with the website in the last few days, so if you joined the newsletter in the past couple of days, you may want to do that again as your e-mail address probably wasn’t registered… Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Happy Easter!

Happy Crafting and Happy Easter everyone!

We have finished the mystery CAL just in time for Easter! Look at all the great bunnies that were created by our lovely participants! I think they’re all adorable.

Mystery CAL results

Aren’t they totally cute?

Starting from the top left corner and going clockwise, you can see bunnies by n8kpl, CordeliaSerene, UraniumBOMBS, tmb99, lkhill01, Kimmycup, harnish408 and elmerkitty. All of them were made from my newest pattern – April the Bunny.

April the Bunny by Cute and Kaboodle

Pattern available at

It’s available for sale now, so you can make your own adorable bunny, too! She’ll make a great friend also after Easter;)

But that’s not all! I also remade my first pattern – Easter Bunny and the update is available now.

Easter bunny

Pattern available at

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Choose your own CAL!

Anyone would like a CAL?

If yes, take a moment to find your best option in the flow chart below:)

Cute and Kaboodle choose your CAL

If you chose a Mystery CAL, you’d need to follow this link. It’ll require logging in to Ravelry, but believe me, it’s worth it – not only because of the CAL. I’m sure you’ll love this website as much as I (and 3 million others) do!
If you chose a Spring CAL, you can choose between these three patterns:
March Dog
April Hen and Chickens
May Bunny
There’s also a discount (20% off) for you if you buy any of the patterns through Ravelry. The coupon code is SPRING2014 and is valid till the end of April.

Spring CAL

Hope you’ll decide to join us!


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Celebrating Amigurumi!

other patterns

March is an International Crochet Month, and although it’s almost over, I think it’s never too late to celebrate:) And what would crochet be without amigurumi? They’re cute and quick to make and they’re the only projects that can smile at us when we’re done!

And why do you love amigurumi? Feel free to share your opinions on the mind map or in the comments! I’d love to see all your lovely ideas!

Also, I’d love you to share your favorite photos of the amis you make – you can link to it in the comments, post it on my Facebook page or Ravelry group. I also started a Pinterest group board that you can pin to, if you’d like – let me know your username and I’ll add you as a pinner.

To show how I love amis, and hopefully encourage more people to start making them,  I started a special series of tutorials. They’ll be all posted in the Tutorials section of the website. The newest ones cover the wide topic of eyes used for amis. See part one here and part two here. And the next ones will appear soon, too!

Our celebration will also include starting another crochet-along, so keep your hooks ready!

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Cute and Kaboodle’s Charity Challenge!

February is a charity/RAK/love month at Cute and Kaboodle’s! I try to make some items for charity to donate to thise in need or to offer them at charity auctions. So far I have two hats and a teddy. A teddy (Freddy Teddy) is trying to raise some money at an auction and is doing quite well!
I wanted to invite you to make and donate something, too! And get a chance to win a free pattern! There are lots of possibilities as many founadtions accept handmade items like toys, blankets, hats, etc. If you need inspiration, here’s a list of organizations accepting handmade donations:
Binky Patrol – accepts blankets for children in need
Contagious Hope – accepts all kinds of items for kids – toys, blankets, clothing
Knit for Kids – accepts sweaters, hats and blankets
Mother Bear Project -accepts bears for children affected by HIV/AIDS (bears are made from the same pattern, so be sure get the right one from the site)
Stitch for a Cause – accepting a variety of items
Knit-A-Square – accepts “8″x 8″(20cm) squares and helps keep a cold AIDS orphan warm”
Project Linus – accepts blankets for children in need
Angels4Preemies – accepts gowns, quilts, baby afghans and blankets, burp cloths, comfort toys, booties, socks and many more
Carewear – accepts all baby items and provides patterns, if you need some
Threads of Love – accepts “clothing, blankets and other handmade articles for tiny premature and sick infants”
Tiny Stitches – looking for volunteers to help them prepare packages for hospitals, they also accept yarn donations
The Preemie Project – accepts Bboties, hats, blankets and bereavement items
Snuggles Project – accepts security blankets for animals (you can find patterns for knitting, crochet and sewn blankets on the website).
SPCA Wildlife Program – accepts crocheted nests for tiny animals (remember to crochet tightly!)

- any animal shelter will probbaly accept blankets, cat toys and dog sweaters. Just find your local kennel and ask. I know the one in my city does!
- homeless people shelters and nursing homes for the elderly will probbaly accept shawls,clothing and blankets, too
- you can donate things for charity auctions – many fo those can be found via Facebook Events
- sharing information about charities helps a lot, too – posting about them on your blog, sharing their FB post or just telling your friends about it helps spreading the word
Cute and Kaboodle's Charity Challenge - win a free pattern
And how does a free pattern link to all of this?
It’s simple – just donate something for the charity of your choice – money, items, time – whatever you want and tell me about it. You can post on Facebook, Ravelry or comments section of this post. On Monday Feb 17th I’ll send you a new pattern never publihsed before! Be sure to check the website often to see the clues about that new release! So, can we count on you?

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A look back…

You probably more or less know what happened here last year, so I’m not going to repeat myself. But do you know what a mini me was doing? As you may know, she has begun her around the world journey last year (she’s still travelling) and here are the highlights from her adventures! She’s met some wonderful people and visited amazing places! Here’s a quick look back on what she saw. I chose only one photo from each trip, but I saw so much more!
First I went to Israel to visit Linda! I was amazed by the architecture there.
In Israel with Linda

Then, it was time for Finland, where Cordelia Serene was my lovely host! Just look at that nature!
In Finland

From Finland I flew to the Netherlands where I visited Iris, who showed me the hunebed… In the Netherlands

…and Ilona with whom I admired some lovely churches (among other things, of course!). In the Netherlands again

Later, I spent some lovely time in Belgium where I saw this amazing cathedral with Sandra… In Belgium

…and got a lovely mini Nrgwenya shawl from LadyAurian. Still in Belgium

Then it was time to go to Switzerland, to Aisha. I admired some beautiful watches there! In Switzerland

Finally, I went to England, where I had lots of fun with Debbie! Can you tell, I love old churches? In England

I hope to post photos from my next journeys more frequently this year:)
P.S. I’d like to once again thank all my wonderful hosts, not only for taking me to those amazing places, but also for taking all these awesome photos!

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New book release!

I’m thrilled to announce that my book 12 months in Amiland has just been published!

book cover

It’s available in print and in the e-book version. It contains 12 unique designs – one for each month of the year. Apart from the patterns, you’ll also find a helpful tutorials section that describes all the techniques needed to make the toys. More details here.

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Bears and Bunnies chart #4

I hope you’re more familiar with the charts right now, so let’s have a small experiment. I’ll post the chart for the bigger (and last! – well, almost last, there’ll be just a tiny little thing left) part today, but won’t post the explanantions. I’ll add them tomorrow, and you have the whole day to try and make this part on your own. Ready for the challenge?
bears and bunnies cal chart #4

The color change section is optional again. If you have changed the color before, do it now also. If not, skip it now, too.
Place safety eyes between rounds 8&9, 4-5sts apart, and nose between rounds 9&10 (I used 6mm eyes). You can also play with the eyes and nose placement for many different moods and personalities.
Start stuffing and continue adding more as you go.
Fasten off, but don’t sew the opening closed. You need only one part like this.

UPDATE: Written instructions
And here’s the written version of the last part of the pattern. I felt that you don’t need more wordy explanation this time, but if you do, please let me know.
Round 1: 6sc in 2nd ch from the hook (6)
Round 2: inc x6 (12)
Round 3: (inc, 1sc) x6 (18)
Round 4: (2sc, inc) x6 (24)
Round 5: (3sc, inc) x6 (30)
Rounds 6 – 11: 30sc (30)
Round 12: (3sc, dec) x6 (24)
Round 13: 1sc, dec, (2sc, dec) x5, 1sc (18)
Place safety eyes between rounds 8&9, 4-5sts apart, and nose between rounds 9&10. You can also play with the eyes and nose placement for many different moods and personalities. Start stuffing and continue adding more as you go.
Round 14: (dec, 1sc) x6 (12)
If you want to make a T-shirt on your ami, change the color now and continue working with it till round 19. From round 20 work with the basic color again.
Round 15: (3sc, inc) x3 (15)
Round 16: 1sc, inc, (4sc, inc) x2, 3sc (18)
Round 17: (inc, 2sc) x6 (24)
Rounds 18 – 21. 24sc (24)
Round 22: (2sc, dec) x6 (18)
Round 23: (1sc, dec) x6 (12)
Round 24: dec x6 (6)
Fasten off, leaving a long piece of yarn for sewing. Don’t sew the opening closed yet. You only need one piece like this.

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