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Crazy about cables… at night!

Crazy About Cables...

When you’re a mom of two, there are days when you’re longing for the day to start to close so that you can finally slip between the sheets and rest.
When you’re a craftoholic mom of two, there are days when you know you should go to sleep and rest, but instead you’re knitting. Cables. At 1 a.m…
I’m not sure how this happened, but I have now 3 WIPs that are all knitted and all involve cables (not to mention other WIPs that are crocheted, knitted, cross-stiched and involve all kinds of other techniques, sigh…). One is my cowl-wrap I started on my birthday and got distracted by other cables when I was more or less in the middle of it. The pattern is this one, designed by my fellow Polish deisgner and I love the look of it  lot.

Fisherman's cowl

Fisherman’s cowl

The second one is a vest I decided to test knit for Jen. It was just too cute to pass! And when you have two little gentlemen at home, a good vest pattern is what you’ll need for sure! Oh, by the way, if you’re into cables, Jen has a great post about knitting cables with no cable needle. I really recommend this technique – it’s the only one I’ve been using so far. In fact, I don’t use a cable needle for any of the three projects…



Finally, my third one is a mystery knit-a-long hosted (and designed of course) by Hania Maciejewska. I decided to make it although I didn’t have any aran weight yarn I could use and I’m working with worsted yarn and 4.5mm circs. Had to cast on more stitches and improvise the ribbing  a bit, but now I’m on the right track and I’m following the pattern to the letter. Not sure how long, though, as my row gauge is probably way off, too. But I’m having fun with it nonetheless!



I know I should probably be working on some new designs and believe me I do (some of the WIPs in my project bags are designs on different stages of development…), but I just can’t deny cables have my attention now. And what’s your current obsession?

P.S. Be sure to check our Double Free Fun crochet/knit along! Details here.

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Double Free Fun CKAL

Time for the first CKAL this year!

I called it double free fun as you’ll be working on a free pattern AND will get one paid pattern for free! The CKAL will be conducted on Ravlery, so if yo’re not there yet, I totally recommend joining. I promise there’s more fun than just the “alongs”. Detailed rules below :)

The rules:

1. Make one project from the Cute and Kaboodle’s free patterns eligible for the CKAL (details below). Create a project page and link it to the pattern.
2. Choose one pattern from the paid CKAL patterns list as your reward (details below) and make sure you start a project page for it and make it for the CKAL, too. You don’t have to finish the second project, but it needs to have a project page linked to the pattern, please. The reward pattern will be sent to your Ravelry library when you’re done making the free pattern project.
3 You can pick your reward only once, so you can make as many projects from free patterns as you wish, but you can choose only one paid pattern as a reward.
4. For your project pages, avatars and whatnot you can get the button below.

Cute and Kaboodle's Double Free Fun CKAL. Join us now!

Just right-click the image and save as ad then upload or right-click and copy the image link and use it in the “slurp from the web” option.
5. Time frame: We start  on Monday 19th 2015 and finish Feb 28th 2015.

Not all free patterns are eligible for the CKAL – only the ones in this bundle with “#1 Make me” caption.
Not all paid patterns can be chosen as a reward – only the ones in this bundle with “#2 Pick me as a reward” caption.
By taking part in the CKAL you agree for the rules seen above.


Have fun and invite your friends to join, too!

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New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, I’m one of those people who do make resolutions at the beginning of each year. And I like them. I usually don’t feel bad about not crossing them off my list, but every thing I manage to achieve is a great success. To be honest, I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t make one type of resolutions you know, those vague statements “I’ll be more…”, “I’ll spend less time…”. Because how do I check if I really succeded? But I end up with a few of them anyways. Oh, well. At least it’s a proof that I’m working on myself, right? Or it’s all only an outcome of my uncontrollable need to make lists. All kinds of lists! On every occasion! Yeah!

Anyways, here’s what I planned for this year:

1. Get rid of at least two boxes with yarn.
Now this doesn’t necessarily mean to use all the yarn that’s in random two (out of many) boxes hidden in my closet. It may as well mean to regroup and squeeze them so that they fit in fewer cartons… But that needs to be done!

 2. Take part in a fun book reading challenge.
I really like this one from Amelinowa’s blog.

Amelinowa’s Book Challenge

Sorry that it’s in Polish – here’s a short translation of the points for you. The challenge is to read a book: that has more than 215 pages, written by a woman, published in 2015, that has a sad ending (I’m going to either skip that or change to happy ending, I don’t like sad books), that has a city name in the title, with a movie based on it, older than 100 years, based on a real story, that has only one word in the title, whose author’s initials are the same as mine, published in the year I was born, with at least two authors, with a name in the title,  written by a man, assigned to be read at school but I somehow didn’t, whose author is younger than 30, with a color in the title, read in a weekend, with no people, a typical romance, a guide, historical or political one, in English :), epistolary, written under a pen name, whose story takes place during the war, whose main character’s name starts with the same letter as mine, whose story takes place outside Europe, that I started reading but haven’t finished.

The challenge is to have one book for each point, but I know I won’t have time for that, so in my version it’s ok when one book covers a few points. After all, it’s about pleasure, not getting stressed about it. If you’d like to take part in it more officially, here’s a Facebook event based on the list.

 3. Have a memory jar for little notes about happy things that happen during the year.
This New Year’s Eve I was surprised how little I could remember from 2014 and I thought there needs to be a way to recall more fun moments.

4. Publish at least one pattern a month.
This has been my resolution last year, too and it turned out great, so I’m hopeful :)

5. Publish at least 3 knitting patterns.
I’m often asked to rewrite my crochet patterns to knitting and I may try doing so, but I don’t think I’ll count these. I need 3 original knitting designs. I already have some ideas, so it should be easy peasy! Plus, I had so much fun with Oscar and Swinging Kitty that it’ll be a sheer pleasure!

6. Publish patterns that only need to be written down and tested (with samples and notes ready).
You wouldn’t believe how many of these I have…

One of my designs waiting for the pattern…

7. Blog more!
I really like it and the only reason while I don’t write often is a constant lack of time. But maybe I’ll try to change my less productive computer time to blogging and that will do. We’ll see…

8. Learn crochet/kntting vocabulary in a foreign language.
Now here’s my last (and a previous one) year’s failure. I did try a pattern in Spanish and I did great, but I don’t remember a word. So this year, I’ll try again!

Last year’s take on a Spanish pattern.

And finally number 9 that shouldn’t probably be on the list, but it is: Worry less.
I found myself constantly worried last year. About everything – important and not important at all. It had quite a bad effect on my health and overall well-being so I’ll try to relax more this year. I must say I’m doing great so far! (I was to write that post aboout a week ago and I’m not even a bit frustrated, see?)

 And how about you? Any resolutions, wishes, hopes?

New Year giveaway at Cute and Kaboodle's!

If you have any craft-wise plans including Cute and Kaboodle’s patterns share them on Ravelry or Facebook and take part in a giveaway. Hurry up, though, you can take part only till the end of this week (Sunday 11th of January 2015). Remember that every person that mentions your name in the Ravelry thread as well as every post share on Facebook gives you an additional chance to win!

Have a great 2015!

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Meeting gift-a-long designers IV

It’s time for our last designer meeting…

Today our guest is Michelle from Timeless Knits!

timeless knits

Patterns links for you:

Juniper Berries Footbrigde Haukea Petrichor If you’d like to check out all her patterns click here!

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Meeting gift-a-long designers III

Hope you’re ready for meeting another talented designer!

Today it’s Selina from Knotty Turtles!

Knotty Turtles

And if you’d like to investigate her designs further here are the links:

My Little Blowfish
My LittleSlug
Tiriaq Fingerlings

The whole catalog can be found here.

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Giveaway Winner(s)!

Thank you for taking part in the giveaway. Winners announced!Thank you for taking part in the giveaway! It’s time to announce the lucky winner! Or rather winners, as I decided to choose two people who’ll get the pattern they wished for. It was already VERY difficult as there were lots of entries on different platforms and many sweet and moving stories behind your choices. But with a bit of randomness and my husband’s help I can now say that:

Ann will receive a copy of Last Minute Christmas Decorations (with the Starlight Candle Holder she requested)
Kim will receive a copy of April the Bunny

Thanks again and stay tuned because we may have another giveaway soon… If you don’t want to miss it, sign up for a newsletter or follow me on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook (all links in the right sidebar). Happy Christmas crafting!


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Meeting Gift-A-Long Designers II

Time to meet another talented designer…

Our guest today is Ashwini from Ashwini J Designs!

 ashwini j deisgns interview


It’s still time to join the gift-along and win some prizes. Maybe you’ll choose one of Ashwini’s patterns?

Here are the links to the presented ones:
Renesaince Sweater
Fountains and Cables Scarf
Cranberry Brioche

 And here you can see her whole catalog. Be sure to visit her website, too!

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Christmas Gift Ideas – part IV and a giveaway!

Time for the last part of Cute and Kaboodle gift ideas! This time a bunch of designs that will make awesome stocking stuffers for family and friends – shawls, bookmarks, tiny ami for keyrings and more!

Cute and Kaboodle Christmas Gift Ideas - part IV

Links to patterns starting from the top left corners and going clockwise:
Owl mug cozy (knitted version)
Nyan Cat bookmark FREE
Tiny owl
Unravelled Sheep bookmark
Oh, so tiny! Owl
Owl mug cozy
Sheep bath set
Oh, so tiny!
Teddy Bear

I promise you pineapples FREE
Oh, so tiny! Turtle
Teddy Bear bookmark
Small Shawl
Hungry Bunny bookmark


Have you chosen yet? If yes, we can move to the giveaway part! Woohoo! The rules are simple:

1. Choose a Cute and Kaboodle’s pattern you’d like to use to make a Christmas gift for someone. You can use suggestions from the previous few posts or view the whole catalog here.
2. Let me know which pattern you have chosen and for whom you’d like to make it, either this year or next year if you have all your gifts already made (I don’t, yikes!). There are a few ways in which you can do it:
- here, in the comments section under this post
- on my Facebook page under the giveaway post
- on Twitter (remember to mention @cuteandkaboodle so that I know you did it!)
- on Pinterest by pinning the photo of the design to your Pinterest board (writing for whom you’d like to make it in the caption)
3. On Thursday, the 11th of December I’ll choose a winner who’ll get the pattern they mention in their entry.

That’s it! Have fun and happy Christmas crafting!

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Christmas Gift Ideas – part III

While preparing for Christmas we should not forget bout our homes. They deserve to feel the spirit of the Holidays, too! So use any of these patterns to decorate your house or apartment.

Christmas Decorations Ideas by Cute and Kaboodle
Links to patterns starting from the top left corners and going clockwise:

December Mice
Holy Family – available in Amigurumi Nativity Scene
Snowman takes a hold – available in Last Minute Christmas Decorations e-book
Angel White – available in Last Minute Christmas Decorations e-book
Three Wise Men – available in Amigurumi Nativity Scene
Angel – available in Amigurumi Nativity Scene
Red-nosed Coaster – available in Last Minute Christmas Decorations e-book
Wanna be a pot star? potholder – available in Last Minute Christmas Decorations e-book
January Giraffe
Sneaky Santa Ornament – available in Last Minute Christmas Decorations e-book
Shepherds – available in Amigurumi Nativity Scene

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